Saturday, 26 December 2020

Basic electrical terms and meanings

Just a few of the term used in this blog and short description of what is meant by it.

Ohms law is the relationship between Voltage Volt, Current Amps and Resistance OHM.

Basic electrical terms and meanings

Voltage is the power of the supply and can be 6v 12v or even 240v in a home 

Current is the measurement of the amount of electricity a load is taking the larger the load the larger the current and also the larger the wiring needs to be.

Resistance is any restriction the electricity current has to face when travelling through the circuit and can be the wire and connection or terminal and the load itself will have a determined resistance than can be measured in ohms.

You need to know a little about these in order to understand how to fault find, its best to watch youtube videos and animations to understand this but its all relatively straight forward.

Three thing that make up a circuit

Power supply or supply side which is the 6v or 12v battery the cable running form the battery unto the load. 

The load what ever is using the elect is usually called the load and could be a battery the heater fan or a cdi.

Ground side is the earthed side of the load and all return cables to the negative of the battery.

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