Monday, 28 December 2020

Motorcycle electrics fuel injection components

Motorcycle electrics fuel injection components

On most modern motorbikes carbs are a thing of the past, and in replacement we have the fuel injection systems. The cdi will control both the fuel injection and ignition timing on these systems and uses sensors to time the exact time and duration of the spark and injection pulse.

You have sensors fitted on the bike that measure certain parameters these are and could differ depending on the manufacturer model and system used.

Input side

CTS coolant temperature sensor .

ACT engine air temperature sensor.

BARO read the barometric pressure at or above sea level to aid calculation of injection pulse.

TPS throttle position sensor obviously tell the cdi where your throttle is positioned .

MAP manifold pressure reading to held aid in calculation of the fuel to air mixture needed.

ECM engine management computer where all fuel and timing is controlled

CPS crack shaft position sensor or pick up coil 

Output side

Injectors - inject fuel into the engine via a timed pulse from ECM

IAC - idle air control valve the controls the tick over of the bike 

Ignition Coil - increases the 12v signal from the ECM to 10000 plus volts needed to produce spark

Fuel pump relay - this energises the pump to pressurise the fuel system

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